Friday, 6 April 2012


Press TV has made many in Europe to know more about world politics within the little time it beamed its signals to the western world. Many Press TV viewers said within 3 years, they were more educated about world politics beyond what BBC has done for 60 years.

When Press TV station is banned in the UK and later in Germany to stop broadcasting news content to its European viewers about the western world's political and economic activities, its evident that the political lords, mainstream media and their supporters are scared about the alternative media which does not bow to political pressure and do not want competition.

Silencing alternative source of information by the political authorities is detrimental to the society at large, people will go along way to get information which they will rather believe due to the closure of other media  broadcast stations in their country, just because they know the truth about their society can only come from the outside sources which do not bow to home pressure. The world at large is a global and complex village and the news programmes on the traditional mainstream news stations which have existed for decades has to compete with the recent voices heard from developing nations like Iran.

The marriage between the mainstream media and government has made the fourth estate which should have provided the people with unbiased information pitched its tent with its home country political authorities and allies. Today the war that is being fought is an information war, which every nation sees as the only means to capture hearts and minds. A nation which deny its citizens the access to view alternative news content simply puts itself in the position of a losers in information warfare.

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