Saturday, 31 March 2012


While it is a notion or a fact accepted around the world which many still believe democracy is the best form of government, it is becoming evident that most develop democracies do not adhere to the will of the people and this has been making democracy to drift towards a government meant for the powerful oligarchy . In recent history, Western democracies are now having similar characteristics to those of the Third world democracies which have no direction for its population. The will of the people which is the prerequisite for any democratic institution in the world to evolve, have no significant impact in governmental policy making of the 21st century democratic settings, both advance democracies and not excluding the Third world nations which are emulating the borrowed concept of democracy into their societies.

 Many Third world nations citizenry are preparing their homes to brace up for any new style of democracy,the fact is that, they are finding it difficult to understand why some new version of democracy like  Islamic democracy are not acceptable to the Western world led by the United States, which champions and preaches democracy to others. To make matters worse, they still do not know the reason why Western governments have decided not to admire the democratic elections in the tiny enclave of Gaza which Hamas took control of the government in the territory even though it was adjudge by international monitors to be free and fair.

The Western world which many of these Third world states want to emulate are technically retrogressing in the rules of democratic development and advancement of democratic justice, not excluding governance both within and outside its territory,  which is making it difficult for many citizens of these developing nations to really understand the true nature of democracy. If its is beyond one man one vote, then it simply means they have a stake in what type of democracy they would want to practice.The fear is that many are believing its more of a class democracy or race democracy that is being sold in the world today.

Every state is expected to develop and incorporate a democratic system that befits its culture through policy making that is expected to stem from the demands and democratic aspiration of the population within  a particular territory.  But the true reality is that democratic systems that are not sanctioned by the West and adapted to suit western leadership ideologies are simply no democracy but a fiction which will not be allowed to exist. This would be a good reason why the Iranian democratic system is castigated and seen as a theocracy in the western world.

Of recent, democratic governance in the Western world has subjected its people to becoming "voluntary voting machines",where they have no say in what elected officials decides to do with their lives, no matter how hard they try to reject those policies imposed on them by the government. Democracy to the populace is meant to serve the people but the people are beginning to see a different concept to it. It is no more seen  by the people as a means to change or keep a government but as a system that needs to incorporate the entire views of the people for good governance,because they believe what happens after that and decision made affects their lives directly and must not be left at the whims and caprice of the leaders that have elected. Knowing elected leadership do not see reason to get back to the constituents for deliberations on issues which are geared toward policy implementation, the people are seeking for a change and willing to take their destiny into their hands, this can be seen in the lives of the occupy wall street campaigns and other union led protest engulfing the western world.

It is a well known fact to any person who knows the true virtue of democracy, that the right to protest is an undeniable right, it seems to be the only way citizen express their disdain in present day democratic society which has no effect on the officials and the policy which they are bent on implementing. The voice of the electorate which gave elected officials power is been shut down on daily basis even while they go about protesting. Protest which expresses their anger towards a particular intended or established policy which they know have a detrimental effect on their lives is simply what they fight against, and recent history has shown that massive protest about a particular issue like going to war, when not accepted by leaders, has always brought to the people pain and anguish to their lives even after the elected officials might have left the office. Protest should be a judgmental piece on significant issues from the populace to elected officials that the views of the people should be respected and aggregated in policy making for the benefit of all in a democracy not only among the elected and multi- nationals whom have organized themselves and taken over the true nature of democracy for their selfish interest in the 21st century.

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Friday, 30 March 2012


The race for a new beginning in economic, monetary and political independence by the fast growing developing nations of the BRICS which includes Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa is truly a challenge to the existing world order in financial and monetary policies, which has been in the exclusive control of the developed nations and mainly in the hands of the West. The last meeting which was held last week in India made it clear that the Brics is working towards using a single currency within its members, and I think other developing nations will be willing to join if given the chance due to the fact that the Brics economy consist of about 45% of global economy and its population is increasing in geometric form.

The economies of these countries are capable to help other developing nations to fix there economies. African countries especially Nigeria should be prepared to grab the opportunity with its population and market size, but must be prepared to fix its unhealthy nature of corruption which has bedeviled the state. The Brics are about to create a different financial system which is to rival the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. It has ordered its financial ministers to come up with a working procedure which will make it possible for easy financial transaction and common project implementation.

The project which the Brics have decided to embark upon must be a project with transparency and hope for other developing nations. which will be willing to see it as a savior of the financial problem in the world. The adventure of establishing a joint development bank must take into cognizance the poor nations that will need its help and services for many among the have lost hope in IMF and World Bank.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


The attitude of world powers towards the reduction of their nuclear war heads is one that everyone should be weary and be disturb about, due to the fact that their leaders and parliamentarians are not ready to eradicate the only weapon that can erase the mankind from earth. Having a nuclear weapon in stock provides what the Israeli prime minister called a "zone of immunity". Enjoying the zone of immunity has given rise to  many among the world powers including Israel, India,US and Pakistan to violate many undocumented human rights in their own territory and beyond. The United States which speaks of human rights as the basis of its independence and loves to teach other nations around the world about human rights has a lot to do in fix its human rights abuses around the world.

 It is certain that those nuclear nations enjoy the zone of immunity, they would not allow any other nation to venture into to such zones, and by so doing, they will be ready to deal decisively with any nation that has interest in developing not even a nuclear weapon but a civil nuclear energy on its own accord. Especially, when such a country is at odds with the western world, even when it is glaring to them that the aim is to develop its energy resources and reduce carbon emission from excessive use of the conventional crude oil products.

Facts have shown that nations with nuclear weapon posses the bulling ability and not only that, but have severe problems with explaining their aggressive attitude toward other lesser nations. Nations with nuclear weapons like Israel have tremendous human right abuses in the Palestinian territories, which has given rise to different factions and armed groups fighting the Israeli regime till date, even when there is to be a peace plan being worked out to settle their differences, the nature of aggression which the Israeli regime yet can not explain disrupts the peace plan and this can only be attributed to the fact that its a nation which relies on the nuclear weapon as its last resort.

The Indian government has not been able to solve the issue of the Kashmir region since its independence, and yet there are major human rights abuses which takes place in that region which include disappearance of family members and detention of protesters without charges. On several occasions, Pakistan and India had fought wars on the issue of the Kashmir region but have avoided to use the nuclear weapon which they both posses. While  Indian said the nuclear weapon they posses was for their security against China which might invade its territory in the future, Pakistan says, its nuclear weapon serves as a deterrent and security for its territorial integrity against India, both have insisted to keep it for their safety while others within their territory  suffer in the Kashmir region due to the fact that any nation with such weapon does not have interest in negotiation that will affect its parochial  interest.

The United States which leads the pack in numbers of stocked nuclear weapons must realize that for  such reduction in weapons of mass destruction to take effect, it must start by cleaning itself and wonder why it should have a huge chuck of piles of nuclear weapon which serves no good to humanity but destruction. Just as Obama rightly said in the South Korean conference, that  the United States has more nuclear weapon than it needs, the statement should be do the US really needs it in the world of today. It is common sense  that there is no reason to keep such huge and destructive arsenal, Obama as a person alone can not achieve this by his might,but the present and future US administration must work out the required modalities of scraping those weapons immediately just as it was done in South Africa, for it is clear and evident that nuclear war head has not given the expected security which it was thought to have posses.

The concept of using a nuclear weapon as the last arsenal in war has no effect on the psychology of many populations, this stems from the fact that wining a war in the 21st century has transends from bullets and guns to the hearts and minds of the people and the fact that the resources which is the main target can not be exploited in a radio active saturated environment.

A vivid example to the fact that nuclear weapon states have severe problems can be seen in the recent  disagreement between Argentina and the UK  on the Malvina island which Britain claimed to be its soil. Within days of the disagreement, Britain has taken one of its nuclear capable war ships to the Malvinas, which it thinks Argentina will succumb to the threat of nuclear war, but in an unexpected and political sound  manner, Argentina decided to stop all British flagged ships from docking in its ports, and the South American countries followed suit to stop all merchant ships of British origin from docking, which had a more devastating effect on the British economy especially now that it is reeling from the effect of global economic melt down. This is a vivid example to the fact that nations do not see the threat of nuclear stock piles which some leaders believe.

Many nations believe having a nuclear weapon gives room for a better bargaining in world politics, but this has gradually been providing trouble for those who posses it by bringing insecurity to their people at home and abroad. The concept has change from rouge states wanting to acquire nuclear weapons to terrorist wanting to get nuclear materials, all this attest to the fact that we are living in a global village, where nuclear weapon is neither useful to the owners nor to those who want to steal it. Until we all understand that the world is a global village in its entirety, and there is no single tool, nation or organization which hold the key to the peace and security of itself but to that of the world, the believe to keep nuclear weapon as a detriment against others aggression will continue. World powers and those with nuclear weapons must not only rely on nuclear weapon for winning negotiations, but must develop the ability to win hearts and minds of others through justice and understanding of diverse societies.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Few among the youths today can not sleep without thinking of how Nigeria can be greater and better.

 Petrol in Nigeria can be said to be the only engine of the Nigerian train which pulls all the coaches of development and growth, no matter the number of coaches attached to the engine and the distance it has decided to  travel. While many past, present and probably future regimes in Nigeria will not consider or believe we are facing a deep-rooted infrastructural deficit, considering the increase in population which grows in a geometric speed. It is time we enlighten those who are and would be leading us every four electioneering year, and this journey of enlightenment must start from the federal, state to the local government levels. The Nigerian youth must begin to tell their leaders that Nigeria must start to invest more on infrastructural project by making our capital expenditure exceed our recurrent expenditure.

When wages in a country do not have commensurable increase to the increase in prices of goods and services both produced within and imported, it will hamper the required growth in the economy, which will cause a sharp shrink in the daily activities of  businesses and this will affect the gross domestic product (GDP) of the nation, which is a platform for creating massive unemployment and retrenchment, due to lesser purchasing power and the fear of spending even when the money is available to those who are actively employed.
Before any decision is made to increase the price of petroleum products or any other commodity which works as the engine of the economy,alternatives to such products must be fundamental to any administration.

Electricity,road network,rail system and water ways which makes for easy and efficient mobility in production not excluding transportation must be in existence, which will serve as a cushion effect for any increase in price. Consistent infrastructural development helps keep the price of goods and services relatively stable as my research has shown in recent years. I remember vividly, as a child growing up in the old city of Zaria, I never saw what kerosine and petrol looked like, neither did I knew it existed just because there was constant and uninterrupted electricity supply and we used an electric cooker. The first time I got to know what kerosine and petrol was used for was in 1992, when I was in the southern part of the country and it was due to the fact that my grandmother sold kerosine for those who preferred to use it for cooking. At that time, it was sold for 3 Naira and at times 2:50 kobo a gallon. The annulled June 12 elections riots and protest made me to know what premium motor spirit (PMS)looked like and that it could dry when exposed to the air.
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For the past 20 years, Nigeria has systematically suffered a serious infrastructural deficit compared to the present economic and social infrastructural demand due to its increasing population which is not abating, which the government must start planning to fix and must be looking forward into providing for the next 30 years. This simply means we have 20 years infrastructural deficit and at the same time we need to work towards making sure that the government meets the social and economic infrastructural needs of the next 30 years as from today.

By doing this, the pressure which might emanate from the future increase in the price of petroleum products on the Nigerian economy will be minimal compared to what the nation has been experiencing. When infrastructural development becomes the daily bread which the government consumes, it will practically pave way for government to hands off from the business of fixing petroleum product prices and concentrate on governance, because the private sector will be empowered to take over those unsuccessful and unprofitable government enterprises which consumes much of public fund through the massive recurrent expenditure that goes into the drain every year.

Nigeria must develop an institution of people in governance mainly from the massive population of its youthful generation below the age of 40 to be trained and armed with the mental and social passion for developing and maintaing the nations infrastructure. It must not continue to be business as usual, even though many believed one can not teach an old dog new tricks, because of the corrupt tendencies in the society which has become the generic activity among those who are entrusted with the public offices for the development of the nation.

 Those who do not support and believe in the idea of Mr President in adopting what they termed as an "un" SURE document by the federal government might be right in their own assertion, taking a look at previous documents by former leaders which never saw the light of the day. The truth is that Goodluck Ebele Johnathan might be willing like any other former Nigerian leader did in the past, He can only fail, if those who are to implement the SURE document programme are not interested in his mission which is clear to every reasonable person as at now, in response to the attitude that has began to display its self among those in his cabinet, which is the race for 2015.

 For any president to gain an effective and efficient programme implementation with concrete results of at least 50 percent, it must be only that, those whom he is leading, develop a strong political will and an authoritarian vision which the president must aggressively harnessed from the oval office, if he feels he wants to be capable of achieving results, based on the agenda he has set for himself within the shortest time and space. This route might be treacherous due to the radical stand the president will be willing to take, that will make many who are beneficiaries of the old system feel their interest might be in danger of the new reform, the president must have the courage to challenge and fight his fears both at home and abroad to develop the much needed infrastructural challenges the nation is facing.

Friday, 23 March 2012


There are two types of humans on earth, the moderate and the extremist. In every society,culture and religion play a vital role and one of  the two have a great influence on a person and surely each is having a great impact in the society. While the moderate individual is mostly set on moral grounds and always of the reasoning type , trying to always want to understand the other fellow whom they are in disagreement with on these two major influencers, such a moderate or liberal person is considered as having a heart of solving the knotted situation stemming from religion and culture, knowing love as a basis of what he was taught from his childhood more deeply in his conscience and always wanting to negotiate out his way from trouble, the  extremist personality is always of the view of wanting to win in all situation not considering the danger it might pose to him and his fellow men.

The extremist has the zeal and aim to change every situation to his benefit alone not considering any other persons opinion, the mentality of the survival of the fittest has a role to play in his decision making and on every occasion he is always a master that know all and must be done in his way. Many among people from diverse societies today learn from the extremist acts which is not part of their culture, because of the fact that the extremist in modern age have access to all necessary tools in modern warfare to perpetuate his action with impunity in every society depending on the support of his constituency.

The man with the moderate view is loosing much of his information co-ordinates and pattern of life to which he should use to educate his children against the extremist views, these tools can no longer be found on mainstream media that serves as the only means of educating a larger population in modern age. The moral culture is been eroded by the "screen industry" where several international media outlets now preaches and teaches extreme ways to the majority in disguise. Similarly, the places of worship today have lost its moral standing to both socio-political and economic issues and now uses the holy books to preach violence to its converts and congregation all over the world.

The nature of extremism has extended to every way of human life and its time the world begin to find a way to solve this problem that is bedeviling each human society. The human concept which states that thou shall not see the blood of the neighbor is no where to be found and crime has become the way of life in every society.  The equipment for destruction of human lives and property for the acts of severe extremism as a show of power are easily found on streets because they are cheaper while those for human development and moral education are no more in production and the ones left have been discarded to the rubbish bin because  its not profitable to businessmen and investors anymore.

  Corporate and government crime is vivid in policies towards different societies where they ought to be their savior, crime against humanity in different patterns are common in businesses with the support of government officials because of the fact that money or profit must be made at all cost in our world. The truth is if this trend is allowed to continue in this manner, one can not imagine what the situation the world will look like rather than it being bleak before the next century.

                                                    Andres Brevick the Norway extremist

We as a people must begin to reshape our society towards a secure future in order to retake the balance of power that has tilted towards extreme cultures, emanating from the race for selfishness, materialism and see it as a moral duty to ourselves, the environment and the society we will leave behind. Government regulations and business responsibilities to their societies must return to the fore front of governance in every society to stem the spread of extremist exploiters among us. What is morally right can not be discarded for profit and money if we desire to see a better future for our unborn generation.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


With the blessings in population and human potentials Almighty God has given to the nation called Nigeria, the only tsunami and danger we face is the development of leadership skills which creates good governance within the social, economic and political system. Nigeria must start to train leaders not followers for it to succeed in its true nature of development, which it has set as a target and this must start from the schools and the places of worship.

Nigerians must not sleep and allow those who have ruled them in the past to dictate what the present and future of the nation should look like, because it is evident that they are all not interested in the project called Nigeria but the fame and money attached to the political project of running an entity.

The blood of our compatriots split since the demand for qualitative governance and the work of our heroes past must not be in vain, it is a duty to the youths who belong to the renaissance generation of Nigeria which began since 1975 that would and must rise up to defend the nation for it to be among the first top economy in the world.