Wednesday, 18 July 2012


The Nigerian immigration authorities must start working quickly to identify the locations foreigners live in Nigeria and routes ... ... ... in documenting the total number of Chadians,Cameroonians and Nigerien's that have decided to reside permanently in Nigeria. They have to be given naturalization certificates with details showing their migration pattern and origin. Many among them are employed in our security agencies for they can speak our languages and are even recruited in the Nigerian armed forces.

We should not as a nation leave our flanks open just because we are our brothers keeper and let those who are willing to destroy our nation take over our soil, one can not dispute the fact that we have so many things in common with our immediate neighbors not excluding the cultural ties that we both share, but we must work assiduously with the security apparatus of those countries to identify and quickly apprehend those that are criminally minded among their people that frequent our capitals and villages to cause mayhem.

The Federal government must use the present situation of insecurity in the county to address the impact of the free flow of foreigners into Nigeria through our porous borders, it will be more easy to transport loads of armed men through Somalia, Sudan and Chad into the country considering the effect of the wars these nations have faced in recent times. Left over weapons from the wars in those countries will be useful in destabilizing the Nigerian society and we can be sure able bodied men will be willing to do the job for a peanut.

Policy makers must rise to the occasion and not just consider the effort they have put in place as the best solution which i feel is just for a while before the true nature of terrorist financed organization take effect in out society, transporting terrorist groups is an easy task just like what we have witnessed in Syria, formal education and social enlightenment among the people must be spread through all available means so that our young youths will not take up the ''trade'' as a means of settling scores in our fragile democracy.

Salient decisions and policy matters must be taken to draw out a data in accounting for the numbers of  foreigners especially our neighbors that are living and traveling through our porous boarders around  the country on daily basis, Immigration authorities are to come up with modalities in registering all people coming into Nigeria on bio metrics and capture their faces for proper identification while in Nigeria, it must be given significance and their means of survival in Nigeria must be documented. While we know many among them are gate men and wheelbarrow pushers in our towns and cities, there are still many among them that are doing better than many average Nigerians in businesses and governmental institutions through their integration.

 We as a nation need to take the issue of immigration serious and if not, the aim of making Nigeria's economy develop by the year 2020 would be a thing of a dream. Today, the Nigerian government must acknowledge in practice that much of its financial resources that ought to be spent for economic and social development has gone into providing security, which is a business for some contracting firms that would not want to loss their quantum share of the yearly budgetary federal allocation consistently since the spending upsurge was drafted into the appropriation bill to fight terrorism.
The federal government should know that huge security spending will not provide job opportunities for the teeming masses but creates a means for other advanced nations to make money out of our negligence and stupidity in inefficient policy making and implementation. Nigeria as a nation does not produce what it will use to protect its citizenry from danger or insecurity and this makes it easy to make money out of a poor nation like ours, this act drains our national resources, for we are a nation which relies on the importation of every security gadget and weapon to defend and protect our population from any threat.

As Nigerians, we should remember that we have a culture  which will not accept terrorism but will make terrorism exist for long in our society when we decide to make it a product, and this can only happen, if it is allowed to flourish in the land.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


What the state will feed its citizens with is its own version of the official report. Its the responsibility of investigative journalism (media) to figure out the facts and the motive of the report for the citizenry not to consume poisonous information by opening up those hidden information which might never be available for public consumption at the heat of the event because its classified only to the knowledge of the perpetrators.

Media organizations must be professional in their job and avoid been sentimental about news reporting or following official reports without investigation.The truth should be the watch word of the profession and not dragging the media into deceiving it viewers. Reporting on issues must be just and balanced to see the neutrality of the profession.

Media reports and version must not tow or necessarily be the official version, for it would be seen as the mouth piece of the government and it will be believed profesionalism has been sold to the officials in government who will be willing to give information that is cooked to their own favor.
Journalism and news content must not be in the hands of state officials and media outlets must not rely on information dispensed by government officials as a means to secure news content in a competative world. Only when its true and can be verified not to be biased media organizations must not sell the integrity of the profession to politicians.


Its difficult for those in the lower-class to read in-between the lines in any polity,ignorance plays a vital role in their mind. Which makes them not to be able to develop a reasoning capacity that makes the mind and the body to conform with the place they occupy in the society. Locking up the savage under a curfew or in jail is the best option to save the society at that moment of his anger from more damage and destruction which he is bent to do in a 3rd world country like Nigeria.

 Savages are mostly recruited form lower classes in which evil doers arises and its the responsibility of the political class to control all savage activities in order to protect his interest first and that of the public which comes secondary.