Tuesday, 3 July 2012


What the state will feed its citizens with is its own version of the official report. Its the responsibility of investigative journalism (media) to figure out the facts and the motive of the report for the citizenry not to consume poisonous information by opening up those hidden information which might never be available for public consumption at the heat of the event because its classified only to the knowledge of the perpetrators.

Media organizations must be professional in their job and avoid been sentimental about news reporting or following official reports without investigation.The truth should be the watch word of the profession and not dragging the media into deceiving it viewers. Reporting on issues must be just and balanced to see the neutrality of the profession.

Media reports and version must not tow or necessarily be the official version, for it would be seen as the mouth piece of the government and it will be believed profesionalism has been sold to the officials in government who will be willing to give information that is cooked to their own favor.
Journalism and news content must not be in the hands of state officials and media outlets must not rely on information dispensed by government officials as a means to secure news content in a competative world. Only when its true and can be verified not to be biased media organizations must not sell the integrity of the profession to politicians.

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