Friday, 23 March 2012


There are two types of humans on earth, the moderate and the extremist. In every society,culture and religion play a vital role and one of  the two have a great influence on a person and surely each is having a great impact in the society. While the moderate individual is mostly set on moral grounds and always of the reasoning type , trying to always want to understand the other fellow whom they are in disagreement with on these two major influencers, such a moderate or liberal person is considered as having a heart of solving the knotted situation stemming from religion and culture, knowing love as a basis of what he was taught from his childhood more deeply in his conscience and always wanting to negotiate out his way from trouble, the  extremist personality is always of the view of wanting to win in all situation not considering the danger it might pose to him and his fellow men.

The extremist has the zeal and aim to change every situation to his benefit alone not considering any other persons opinion, the mentality of the survival of the fittest has a role to play in his decision making and on every occasion he is always a master that know all and must be done in his way. Many among people from diverse societies today learn from the extremist acts which is not part of their culture, because of the fact that the extremist in modern age have access to all necessary tools in modern warfare to perpetuate his action with impunity in every society depending on the support of his constituency.

The man with the moderate view is loosing much of his information co-ordinates and pattern of life to which he should use to educate his children against the extremist views, these tools can no longer be found on mainstream media that serves as the only means of educating a larger population in modern age. The moral culture is been eroded by the "screen industry" where several international media outlets now preaches and teaches extreme ways to the majority in disguise. Similarly, the places of worship today have lost its moral standing to both socio-political and economic issues and now uses the holy books to preach violence to its converts and congregation all over the world.

The nature of extremism has extended to every way of human life and its time the world begin to find a way to solve this problem that is bedeviling each human society. The human concept which states that thou shall not see the blood of the neighbor is no where to be found and crime has become the way of life in every society.  The equipment for destruction of human lives and property for the acts of severe extremism as a show of power are easily found on streets because they are cheaper while those for human development and moral education are no more in production and the ones left have been discarded to the rubbish bin because  its not profitable to businessmen and investors anymore.

  Corporate and government crime is vivid in policies towards different societies where they ought to be their savior, crime against humanity in different patterns are common in businesses with the support of government officials because of the fact that money or profit must be made at all cost in our world. The truth is if this trend is allowed to continue in this manner, one can not imagine what the situation the world will look like rather than it being bleak before the next century.

                                                    Andres Brevick the Norway extremist

We as a people must begin to reshape our society towards a secure future in order to retake the balance of power that has tilted towards extreme cultures, emanating from the race for selfishness, materialism and see it as a moral duty to ourselves, the environment and the society we will leave behind. Government regulations and business responsibilities to their societies must return to the fore front of governance in every society to stem the spread of extremist exploiters among us. What is morally right can not be discarded for profit and money if we desire to see a better future for our unborn generation.

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