Thursday, 22 March 2012


With the blessings in population and human potentials Almighty God has given to the nation called Nigeria, the only tsunami and danger we face is the development of leadership skills which creates good governance within the social, economic and political system. Nigeria must start to train leaders not followers for it to succeed in its true nature of development, which it has set as a target and this must start from the schools and the places of worship.

Nigerians must not sleep and allow those who have ruled them in the past to dictate what the present and future of the nation should look like, because it is evident that they are all not interested in the project called Nigeria but the fame and money attached to the political project of running an entity.

The blood of our compatriots split since the demand for qualitative governance and the work of our heroes past must not be in vain, it is a duty to the youths who belong to the renaissance generation of Nigeria which began since 1975 that would and must rise up to defend the nation for it to be among the first top economy in the world.

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