Tuesday, 12 February 2013


British youths looting a shop during a riot.

Many youths in different nations around the world especially 3rd world nations might never be fortunate throughout their life time seeing their governments establish a national insurance scheme like that of the United Kingdom which prepared a grand design for its unemployed through the social insurance scheme that pays its citizens  unemployment benefits while out of work.   As a young man with a Bsc. in political science and a higher degree in commercial administration who graduated at the mid of the financial crisis, I have not being able to secure a job in an era where major global financial institutions  and governments have acknowledge to be the worst economic recession since the Second World War. Having known how the British government have instituted a social security scheme which helps to sustain its unemployed youths by receiving  income benefits , I was a fan of the British model, thinking Britons of my age and probably my qualification surely have no reason to be unhappy with their government. But I got it independently  wrong when I saw the riots of August 2011 in the UK on my screens led and executed by youths similar to the Arab spring.

I was not going to let the subsequent 2012 London Olympics i saw on my screens which Britain showcased to the world in its opening day the traditional and natural evolution of the hard working British men and women went through in history from a cave man like era to the medieval society, straight into the industrial revolution, the determination to rebuild after 2nd World War, the sweat and challenges in administration and the brick by brick construction of a society  that led to its modern day existence truly explains to anyone paying attention on how focused and hardworking the British people had been over the millennium drag my attention to believe everything was perfect with the British pride.  Before I changed my perception about Britain's Insurance programs, I decided to draw my attention closer to the "force" that made it possible for the English youths within the British society in different towns and cities of the UK went on rampage.

 And there I got the answer in the process of pondering over and asking questions to why a young British generation without much challenges compared to what their grandfather went through during and after the Second World War recession had to cope with. Britain was a nation which many African countries tried to copy its social security programs but failed woefully, why would the youths want to pull down the walls that upheld these structures which has been providing for their needs virtually every Fridays? If so, then something must be within or inside the structures that were not known or taken cognizance of by the British administrators, its public, the academia, which I found to be the ugly side of the British pride.

Any attempt to Google out British pride from the world wide web, one is flooded with a barrage of suggestions which expresses the British pride in its successes, doggedness, dynamism and the greatness of the British people, which i consider not to be a bad idea. But buried within the British pride are youths that do not suggest any success, dynamism or doggedness  which the world saw during the UK riots. Not to quickly apportion blame to the youths that went on rampage and the younger generation that possess the ugly side of the British pride that am about to speak about, the government officials and its behavioral scientist in the universities should  be held partially responsible for not being able to decipher the dangers associated with the British pride, which causes the selection and determination of what kind of job a British young man should do. Or can one probably suggest that those in government and academia too grew up under such circumstances and did not read the fine prints.

Just as the Prime minister David Cameron said during the 2011 August riots, that British youths were lazy, he is simply validating the facts on what British pride has made out of its citizens for other nationals from Africa, Eastern Europe especially the Polish that have taken over the UK menial jobs under the illusion of government policy which give priority to British citizens in terms of job placements even when those that dropped out of college and high school knew that the level of their certificates does not equal the job they desire. The British pride within their conscience translates to an attitude in the everyday life of a young British that foreigner are meant to do menial jobs and as such, the culture of job "discriminatory attitude" serves as one of their genetic composition. A wonderful scenario is unfolding rapidly as the Polish language was found in a recent research conducted to be the second most spoken language in the UK, due to the integration of many Eastern European nations into the EU. Flocks of young Polish citizens have taken over the menial jobs in the UK, and one can sincerely hope that the British government can consistently hold on by providing executive jobs for their citizens even without the necessary qualification or else another riot might be looming in the future as it considers to break away from the EU. Even the well educated Black Africans that migrated to Britain are finding it harder to compete with the Polish citizens who are willing to earn lesser than the minimum wage.

 The British pride has grown to become an attitude which is considered as necessary and spoken of in  like manners as in "If I do not get the job I desire I sit at home and earn my benefits" forgetting that its the necessary qualification one possessed that suits the executive jobs. But that seems to be the order of the day among the "lazy" British youths according to the Prime minister.

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