Thursday, 15 November 2012


"Urban slaves" virtually find it difficult to have any investment which he controls and manages by himself after retirement and if such person ever has one, he invest all his saving on it and within few years the business suffers  and probably closes down after a few lifeline must have been thrown into saving it. This happens due to the inability to understand the necessary managerial and entrepreneuralship skills needed to sustain a business which he felt he once helped someone managed. But what he never knew was that he was a "single line" administrator focusing to achieve a single result for the management while the "Urban slave" was working with an organization. The remunerations received while working and after retirement by an "Urban slave" does not equate to the amount of self development in managing a business that such a person would need for his personal business.  Personal businesses have a wide array of machinations and knowledge needed to make it succeed. What the remuneration does is to induce him to use all his productive abilities  to help grow an investment owned by an entrepreneur .

Have you ever wondered why many bank managers, Accountants, Financial advisors, Stock brokers, Public administrators, Civil servants, Auditors and many others have ended up struggling after retirement not to fall in poverty ?  Have you ever taken time to seek  answers to this questions? Take  an in-depth study around your environment and society at large to discover the reasons why these problems are so common and probably you can find an answer to it before you become a retired "Urban slave" today. But the only minimal advantage an "Urban slave" can get is to establish himself after retirement on that single line which he must have perfected himself and operate within that range, any attempt outside it can be disastrous to the business. Consultancy on matters relating to his profession is far more easy to venture upon rather than opening up new frontiers in business.

Due to the nature of the "Urban slave" jobs, they are secluded and restricted to the same pattern of job routine on daily basis, they are a people who lack the required skills of an entrepreneur,  and for those who had tried to invest in one or two sectors during their days of active duty, the trends of the changing economy situations has taken much of their investment into the drains. Few among them that ever invested in blue chip stocks are not really happy with the returns of their investments due to the global economic recession of the 21st century. Many people have virtually lost all their life saving as the company they invested in folded up or went bankrupt due to cheap goods imported from other countries, some lost everything as a result of cheap labor  and new innovations, and for those businesses rescued by the government using the tax payers money, it simply explains the inability of stock managers  who claim to have the knowledge on how to manage a client's future saving to be inadequate.

While being active and having enough to spend in excess, an "Urban slave" has to start rethinking and become a producer while been productive to his Boss. Absolute trust in shares and stocks bought should be discarded and thrown out because the Urban slave has no control of the nature in which the business is being run. This is because I once found a 70 year old man in Florida seeking for a job in a restaurant. A man who needed to be resting and enjoying the proceeds of the 40 years he had spent working and had invested in stocks and share with his 401k. This happened because the man had given the control of his future income to the stock brokers.

In  order not to be prepared for such, take this tips and work with them while you have the opportunity to do so.

*The ability to start learning how to survive and control future personal  business empire must start early before an "Urban slave " retires and at best while he is still been productive for the organization he is working for.

*He must look beyond his immediate environment for potential business ventures and study the laws guiding such businesses in each country.

*Urban slaves must not rely on the monetary values as a life time security source for economical survival due to change in global markets.

*Urban slave must in earnest develop innovations and ideas outside the frame work of his daily routine as a preparation for the future.

*He must open his heart for new ideas and seek beyond the much he thinks he has acquired.

*Learning new management skills outside his profession to be able to manage any future investment which he feels he would want to venture into, and through that he would learn the ability to control and employ the right person to advance his course, just like he was employed to advance another person's investment.

*Ideas and ability  to manage businesses are not freely given, he must work towards achieving the necessary tools to manage his business before being retired.

*Planning, analysis and projection is a skill that must be attached to his daily routine over what business option he would want to venture into and the ability which is health status can manage.

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