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Israeli military lying in bunker to evade rockets from Gaza

The Arab revolution served as an avenue for the ordinary Arab man to rediscover his political personality and economic strength in the Middle East and it has significantly placed both Egypt and Tunisia to become a significant player in the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis.  Before the revolution both nations were proxies of the West and there was nothing they could do when Israel invaded the Gaza strip during the military ''Operation Castled" when it turned Gaza into rubble. The significant aspect of the Arab revolution has started to present itself in the region and national leaders that took over after the revolution have begun to speak their mind on issues that are important to them. It is important to know that many Arabs foreign officials have be visiting Gaza even with the unrelenting bombardment of the Gaza strip by the Israeli military.
Breaking News:Tunisian FM- Israeli government should know it has no more free hand.

The  nature of the revolution is a serious challenge to the Israeli regime and that was why it was necessary at the early days of the revolution after two regimes had fallen that the West and their Arab cohorts in the Middle East has to create a diversionary method and stole the Arab revolution from the people. Now it is glaring that the revolution has empowered the less equipped Palestinians Hamas led government from Gaza to strike back and their strike has proven that its military rockets made in Gaza is more sophisticated than it was four years ago. The Hamas rockets  now travels deep into Israel reaching Tel Aviv and Jerusalem after more than two decades which it had not experienced such.

Breaking News: Radio Israel- 4 soldiers injured today from the rockets fired from Gaza.
One woman, 4 kids dead in Gaza in Israeli airstrikes today.

The Hamas government had prepared for this day and it took a good advantage of the Arab revolution which ousted Hosni Mubarack to secure an advantage in its military might. Though, it is a well known factor that before every election in Israel, War on Gaza is always a way to rally more vote for the ruling party. And this was not an exception. The challenges of the conflict can be seen through the urgency of response to the danger which Hamas military wing is presenting to the Israeli after the Arab revolution. Israeli had to increase the number of the Iron dome which intercepts the rockets fired from Gaza which has only been able to intercept about 230 rockets an average of one out of three rockets. The Israelis believe that most of the rockets were manufactured in Iran and sent to Sudan where it was dismantled and sent through the desert to Gaza, that was the reasons why the Israelis bomb an arms factory in Sudan last October believing it was the store for arms being imported for the Hamas led government in Gaza. And there are still some who believed the revolution which ousted the Libya leader Mohamed Qaddafi paved the way for arms and ammunition to be transported to Gaza. But it is evident that much of the rockets fired from Gaza were locally made. 

*Israel sends 5th Iron Dome battery to intercept missiles fired into Israeli from Gaza.
State of emergency declared for all hospitals in Israel due to the rockets fired from the military wing of Hamas which controls Gaza.

The nature of the conflict has proven to the world that democracy can truly change the equation of the regional challenges in the Middle East both militarily and politically. The economic challenges which the world is facing and particularly the Western austerity has added another dimension to the level of involvement which the United States and its western allies want to get involved in the crisis. On the first day of the crisis, the price of crude oil jumped significantly to 112 dollars even with the economic recession that the west is treating and protecting not to fall over the cliff. The charge by the Iraqi government to all the Arab  nations to withhold their oil as a punishment for the support which the west gives to the Israeli regimes is another factor which creates fear, but every nation is looking into the crisis t decide the necessary step to take.

Reports: Rockets fired by Hamas military wing from Gaza are remote controlled which shows the advancement in its technological improvement compared to its response to the Israeli invasion of Gaza 4 years ago.

Due to the nature of the vast resources in the hands of the Hamas military wing which is not yet clear to the Israeli regime, an attempt to invade Gaza is still a strategic decision because over 17000 military reservist were called upon for an all out invasion. And with the recent development which Hamas said it has shot down one Israeli war plan and captured two of its pilot, the Israeli government is threading with caution not to fall into the traps of the Hamas resistant army. Though, in order to make the population of Gaza panic, leaflets have been dropped in norther Gaza as a reminder for an invasion and the people are asked to distance themselves for the Hamas government. And it has been announced by the Chief of Staff to the Israeli government that more reservist should be called upon for an all pout war on Gaza. Messages have been sent to 70000 reservist to prepare for the invasion, a number that was much than its last military operation four years ago. 

Breaking News: Israeli Radio- Chief of Staff Gantz approves expansion of Gaza operation.

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