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The political dimension and strategic policy implementation of President Hussein Barack Obama administration is at a narrow variance from that which the former United States president George W. Bush adopted and delivered to the American people at home economically and the world in its foreign polices. The Neo- conservative right wing politicians in the republican party that believed in the American nationalist strategic vision for the world, had an absolute control of the Bush administration and their presence was felt in the annals of the American public weeks before the exit of the administration  The Neo- con and their Israeli Jewish Neo- conservative partners whom are also building a strong strategic vision for the state of Israel in the Middle East held sway in all the Bush administration policy implementation and agenda. And in all aspects both were determined to work together in order to achieve the greater part of their plans within the stipulated time frame of the Bush administration. After the Bush administration, the challenges they were faced with was that their vision was incomplete due to the dynamics of the international political environment.

                             Bush and the Neo-conservatives at the department of defense

At home the Neo-cons in the republican party had no problems pushing forward  their agenda which they technically achieved in different shades, leaving some little but necessary items on the table to be done later before the 2008 presidential election which brought the Obama administration into power in the U.S. Many influential and wealthy Neo-con personalities under the eight year George W. Bush administration were highly favored through stock markets manipulations, tax evasion, insurance on health care, housing  programs and the oil and arms contracts that were signed during the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a free for all frenzy for the men in the Neo-conservative group within the economic and social fabric of the American polity. Regulators became regulated by them and agencies of government were at the peril of the people who pulled the shots in the Bush administration which was at the expense of the American public. Lobbying state officials and politicians became a professional and lucrative job within the system, new lobbyist offices sprang up for clients, mostly organisations that wanted to get a piece of the government largess and different lobby groups took over Congress and the White House. It was at the last days of the Bush administration that the economic problems which was known to the regulators only was revealed to the American public and the people began to pay the price of incompetency and mal-administration which gave rise to the social inequality movement known as the 99% during the Obama administration which inherited the problem.

                                          American biggest gun lobbying group

  Within the first term of the Obama administration the Neo-cons made sure that those jobs completed were not tempered with in Iraq which was most crucial due to its oil resources deposit which experts believed to be the source for the Iraqi invasion. After the war and the change of government the the oil companies owned or managed by the Neo-cons had complete monopoly and  perfect control over the flow of the oil which was a strategic part of its agenda in the strategic vision for America in the 21st century. The control of the world oil output and the manipulation of the price of crude oil in the world market was a strategic reason to curb the growth and influence of many fast developing economies like China and India around the oil producing nations. Since oil is known as a determinant factor for the growth of any industrial economy the Neo-cons felt it has to be under their control.

In the case for Afghanistan, the Neo-cons members that run and operate much of the military industrial complex kept the status quo intact and even advocated for more expenditure and men to counter the insurgency in the country which the Obama administration had no option but to obey since his skills were not sharpened in foreign policy issues, he played along. With the case of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners of war that were transported from Afghanistan to Cuba, which President Obama promised the Americans public during his campaign in 2008 that he would close down the facility and provide a justice system that would oversee the case which has damage the United States reputation on human rights records as the only nation on earth that still holds prisoners of war in captive, that has not seen the light of the day. It is generally believed in many political quarters that the Obama administration inherited at least 7500 government officials that are loyal to the Neo-cons and for this purpose many of his policies would face stumbling blocks to actualize them.

                                                          An attack add against Obama
Its more evident that Obama came into government understanding the precarious challenges facing the nation internally, and has developed a quantitative program even before he was elected to office to resuscitate the battered economical situation that has bedeviled the American society and the international  political damage its suffering from. It was a task which he felt was vested upon him by the American public through their support and he decided to walk the walk as expected. It took Obama time to comprehend the damage done to the economy immediately he go to office let alone the United States reputation abroad and for that reason he decided to give it a push based on his promises. The Neo-con fought back immediately not wanting the Commander in Chief to take any steps by circumventing and destroying the strategic advantage they have won over the years. They created scenarios and mapped out  strategies to block all attempts to change the strategic advantage they had in Afghanistan and Iraq which was to make the American troops to withdraw early. While Obama got the advantage of withdrawing from Iraq later, more troops were deployed to Afghanistan to promote the war on terror. The race to paint the image of the U.S. as a human rights and values championing nation which gives justice to all, by the Obama administration was to close the Guantanamo Bay prisons, But president Obama failed to live to his promise due to the fact that Guantanamo Bay prison become an incorporated institution within the U.S administration.

 A higher percentage of the American people are more interested in their personal welfare which the state must protect and the growth of the economy which will create jobs that would provide food on their tables. It is perceived by the majority of American voters which Mitt Romney referred to as the 47% in the secret  video recording, that those who belong to the one percent have the control of the economy in their hand and would always wants major policies and programs to be to their advantage. President Obama stands as a lone ranger with his ideas of taxing the rich that have taken much from the poor and the American public during the 8 years of the Bush administration among the supporters of the wealthy personalities that own these corporations. He could justify his case with the tax which his rival Mitt Romney did not want the wealthy to pay.  He is a person who is ready to fight for what he believes in and would not be interested in anyone dictating to him the way he should go since the bucks stops on his table. He will not be willing to succumb to pressure or actions by others that would derail his plan and make the American public perceive him to be just like any other American president that are easily moved by the Neo-cons. I think president Obama recognizes and made it clear to the public that some decisions he had taken while in office are in tune with the policies that were part of the Bush administration for long which can not be changed spontaneously. These were dome of the attempts to satisfy the Neo-cons.

                                    Dick Cheney a Republican Neo-conservative

The nature of the Obama's administration should at least be attributed to his background and the fact that he understood the political make up of the United States within and trying by all means wanting to avoid getting trapped by the Neo-cons in the republican party. The neglect of the essence of democratic institutions for greedy capitalist adventure and its impact on the American population is a source for concern. Foreign war adventures that has drained the resources at home which has led to the death of many young American marines is to acceptable to the public and that was why the administration ended the war in Iraq after 8 years. The Obama administration came into government when the situation was terrible, with two wars in motion abroad and the economy in shambles, he is having a dangerous terrain to navigate in the political realms of the Neo-Cons that held sway in this presidential campaign. Systemic political moves as practiced by the incumbent president of the United States has been slightly different in the sense that it does not give effective and controlling  privilege to the power that controlled the last regime in the United States.

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