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Modern democracy has a lower capacity to allow an aspirant who contested and won a political position, the ability to use his personal initiative as found in his manifesto during the electioneering process to change and improve the social and economic challenges which the majority in a particular society are facing. Philanthropy, political or administrative knowledge and goodwill of a personality which is known to be consistent is no certificate to being elected into government due to the polarization of modern democracy. Political personalities and those who control major media organisations do not support a political aspirant anymore based on his ideas or ability to perform in governance, but only when its known that he has the support of the majority and has been proven to them that he would support their interest and never do anything to derail their grip on power and the economy which they have permanent control upon, and that leads to giving such a candidate their support.

 Such  a candidate in power will not be able to deliver the desired results which the majority wanted due to the influence of the mega political contributors.  The 21st century democracy political programmers with their influence makes it difficult and would  not allow such  a candidate to contribute to the development of the society in general based on the will of the majority. The role of money and influence from these wealthy individuals or organisations, always leads to an unintelligent persons taking over the leadership of the country in the minds of the majority. The personal interest of these influential people is put ahead before the general public's interest when its comes to any democratic political development in many societies that this electoral process of hijacking the person representing will of the majority takes place.

                                          Million of voters out for a political campaign rally

Common democratic knowledge have failed the majority on several occasions, and the public in many democratic societies kept on wondering why and what has really happened to their beloved democratic institutions that was formerly efficient and running. Policy failure, strangulation of the political system and neglect over the years by the wealthy and influential people, which has not been to the benefit of the majority, has made many to start predicting that the 21st century and its political challenges will dig the grave for democratic institutions to rest in peace, this can be adduced to its consistent failure in many societies around the world.

                                            Ukrainian parliament in a brawl over public policy

The reality is that, its not the democratic institution that is possessed by the evil that has befallen modern democracy. Its the activities of the "Operators" and the "Pollutants" working in these democratic institutions that are riddled with corrupt tendencies, all in an attempt to protect their personal and co-operate interest at all cost. The "Pollutants" would be willing to do anything to stop anyone who wants to oppose them or bring a positive change to the advantage of the majority at their expense. The "operators" whom are the elected officials and the "pollutants" are those who select, sponsor or donate to finance aspirants electioneering expenses. These two categories of people consider their personal interest above the interest of the majority which brings the elected officials "operators" into power. And as soon as the ''operators" get in to office they join the band wagon of the sponsors.  The majority harnessing their votes believing in the manifesto presented publicly to them by the candidate and whom is viewed as the person that will operate the political system to their advantage that will usher in a positive change in their social and economic lives are never aware about the inside dealing and lobbies that would have taken place between the "pollutants" and the newly elected "operator" .

 These two groups have hijacked and manipulated the institutions of democracy in many societies, and their control has made it difficult for those with positive intention to bring about a change in several unreliable democracies around the world. These groups have stagnated the democratic principles for the majority and has made the system not to efficiently perform its duty to the majority. The ability to control state officials in government through their influence and by their wealth has been the reason for the failure of many democratic institutions around the world. The elected officials have no or little say in the affairs of the institutions which they occupy, this is because many of their campaigns and sponsorship came form the "Pollutants" and the"Operators" of the political system. They are the ones who determine when,where and how the public policy programs are to be implemented. And in any situation where the office holder feels uncomfortable with their decision and willing to go ahead with the program as stated in his manifesto to the people. The "pollutants" would be willing to damage his reputation or prop up charges against such a person to discredit his administration.

 Political aspirants of different political parties rely on these influential and mega billionaires to donate money for their political campaigns and from these monies, advert placement for or against a particular candidate is made and these adverts serves as a determinant factor in modern democracy for who gets the political seat. Since campaigns play major role in elections, it cost huge sums of money that many aspirants can not solely provide for themselves alone because of the nature of the challenges of campaign tours in modern elections. Political campaigns and the nature of adverts presented by a candidate that appeals to the poor are not too entirely different from that which appeals to the people in the middle-class, there are no wide margin between the two,it always promote social democratic ideas. This is because, out of the educated and innovative lower class, there the middle-class rises from. While those electoral campaigns and adverts which speaks about a particular candidate intention that appeal to the wealthy class are in sharp contrast to those of the two other class. Campaigns that appeal to the wealthy are capitalist driven ideas of democratic institutions where safety is not guaranteed for the weak in the society. This is one of the most significant reason why democratic institutions and their officials elected by the will of the majority fail to promote what their manifesto is about after they get into office.

                                                  Barack Obama adverts for re-election

One should not dispute the facts that there are no democratic states where the leadership has no control of the state.Many socialist democracies like Venezuela and Brazil have shown that its possible for the will of the majority to be ad-heard to, based on the manifesto which the candidate presented to the majority. What the "operators" and "pollutant" of modern democracies do is to program modern democratic systems in their societies to their favor. And these always happen where the have a good hold of the political landscape. They make sure that they hijack, promote and fund two major political  parties, leaving the masses with no option but to choose between the two leaders that come from their own funded parties.

                                                     Supporters at Chavez campaign rally

 Modern democracy can be said to be a football club, its owners suffers no monetary loss but rather makes profit when the club losses a match point to another competing club. The club owner might suffers the same emotional pain, which the fans experienced over the lost point, but the difference is that, the club owner goes back to his office happy expecting to receive the check from his bank manager minutes after the game in his office. The case with the fans is entirely different, they loss the money which they pay to watch the game, they are not entertained and at the same time suffer emotional loss because of the love they have for the team. Its sub-optimal in all aspects and that might lead to high blood pressure. At the end, when the club gets relegated or trying to limp above relegation, the fans have no say in the transfer window and can not determine which player should be bought by the club to change its fortune and at what cost. Or the player that needs to leave the club and the management will never be willing to reduce the price of the ticket due to their loyalty to the club. It is not in the fans power to determine if the coach is to stay or get of the training pitch for a better coach to take over. All decision are made by the club owners without the fans knowledge and the fans have no option but to accept it.

This simply explains the reason why majority in modern democracy are not shareholders in the democratic societies they have found themselves but are meant to show allegiance to a system that is not in their control. The majority only have an option which is given to them by the "Operators" and the  "Pollutants" every electioneering year to choose between the two that will work for their interest.

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