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                                                   Barack Obama in the oval office

Obama practices the concept of putting pressure and sanctions on perceived erring state of the world which has been a norm existing and acceptable to the United States foreign policy makers since it became the world leader after the Second World War (1939-1945). The right wing political groupings in the Western world and that of the Republican Party in the US have been seriously courting the Netanyahu administration in Israel to put pressure on the Obama administration since they both hold similar position when it comes to foreign policy and the control of resources in the Middle East. On many occasions one would understand that the Obama administration do not play along in keeping with the existing structures built by the Neo conservatives of the Bush administration that have supported Israeli policy makers influence in the United states political landscape. The partnership between the Israeli government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Right wing Republicans and American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has affected the American governance psychic over the years with its influence.President Obama has developed liberal response over the years even before he got to the presidency in January 20, 2009,  His programmes and strategies severs as a necessary response to the AIPAC and Netanyahu’s influence in the American politics, especially their strong influence on those who occupy the White House and the Congress.

The aim of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in collaboration with some powerful US citizens that control the activities of AIPAC in the USis to make the Obama administration forcefully draw a red line on the Iranian nuclear program at the peak of the presidential debate. But the administration remained adamant and exhibited the fact that it was not willing to do such since it has no credible intelligence reports stating that the Iranian regime was building nuclear bombs in any of its nuclear facilities.Netanyahu knew placing the US military strategic advantage at the doors of the Iranians in the Middle East would be seen as a threat to its existence by the Iranians and will serve as a crucial advantage for Netanyahu to stop Iran’s nuclear technological advancement. That alone can establish the “myth“ or “fact” that Israel is the only geo-political regional power in the region and it would explains to its Arab neighbors and Americans that the Israeli government has a key to unlocking  the men who occupy the White House and the Congress, but it failed woefully during the US 2012 Presidential campaign.

While the Obama administration was looking for a better approach to satisfy the Israeli regime and the AIPAC, it went on its Democratic Convention to announce to the world that Jerusalem was the undivided capital of Israel and that the party recognized Israel as Jewish state by a voice vote which was strange to many and other Arab American delegates at the convention. That was not a satisfying response from what Israeli prime minister desired. Netanyahu response to the Obama administration was disastrous at home which nearly derailed the focus of the administration during the campaign which gave Mitt Romney a better lead in opinion polls but the Obama administration quickly developed a damage control formula, it was either Netanyahu gets what he wants from Obama or destroy political support which the Obama administration has for his re- election bid through the information industrial complex that it is at the Israeli regimes disposal which is situated in the United states. 

Within days, sponsored attack ads from the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, dominated the mainstream media and polls began to favor the Republican candidate while the media cash in profits at the expense of the people in the ensuing drama. But the Obama administration was quick to counter the movement by releasing a video shot in the Republican donor’s conference where Mitt Romney was seen saying 48% of American voters who rely on government handouts will not vote for him and simply referred to them as lazy Americans. This was able to nip in the bud the negative ads that were against the re- election of Barack Obama. That being successful by the Obama campaign office, a quick strategy to maintain the pressure on the administration was adopted by PM Netanyahu which had a greater ramification on US Global security strategy and foreign policy.

It was the release of a 14 minutes low grade anti-Islam movies which was made in the US by an unknown Coptic Egyptian that was on parole not seen by many around the world on You Tube but “advertised” on major media outlets around the world which led to demonstration at various US embassies in many Arab and Muslim nations around the world. The chaos that followed the demonstration led to death of protesters in few Muslim countries and consequently the death of the US ambassador to Libya in Benghazi, when a group of terrorist fired several mortal rounds into the embassy building killing four Americans. 

The Obama administration could not find an adequate response to the low grade film which created the anti- American sentiment all over the Arab and Muslim world, but it definitely condemned the actions of the film makers consistently in its press reports. Explaining to the world at the 52nd UN general assembly, President Obama said there was no way he could stop free speech since it was enshrined in the US constitution but again, repeatedly condemned the action of the film makers for dishonoring other people’s faith.
At the UN, for the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, it was a platform to express his opinion about the Iranian regime and simply the lackluster attitude of the Obama administration to take aggressive and decisive steps towards the advancement of the Iranian nuclear program. When he took over the podium at the UN general assembly, while he was addressing the delegates of different nations, Netanyahu was able to give a detailed lecture on the Iranian nuclear programme advancement to the United Nations representatives and to cap it all,he decided to do what Obama was not ready to do practically on his behalf in theory by using a red pen to draw a line on the board which depicts the size of the Iranian nuclear bomb he claimed that Iranians are producing.

 Since the early days of the Obama administrations Nathan Yahu has not been comfortable with the psychological impact and the influence of Obama in both the Middle East and the US, and the US 2012 presidential campaign was a solid ground for Netanyahu to test-run his popularity and influence against Obama within the American polity. It is wildly believed that Obama’s speech in Cairo Egypt addressing the Arab world was an instigator or considered as a trigger to the Arab revolution which took away some dictators that are loyal to the Israeli regime thereby opening a wider political front for the Arabs to rediscover their potential in the Middle East. And for the Israeli regime, it was an aberration to have such a balance of power in the Middle East even though the intention of Obama was not to make the Arabs go on rampage against their sit tight leaders that dance to the tune of the West. In order to counter the free flow of the Arab revolution not to consume Western Allies completely, and for it to favour the Israeli government, the status quo had to be restored quickly and remain for the benefit of the Israeli and the AIPAC. 

The nature of the revolution had to be hi jacked and thrown quickly to the gates of the “enemies” in the Middle East which was the erring Libyan and Syrian governments that supports Hezbollah in Lebanon. And that went down well with those in the Obama administration and the AIPAC. To avoid much friction, strategist in the Obama administration sought for another soil to satisfy Netanyahu by supplying “Non-lethal” support to rebels in order to avoid the ragging disparities between Netanyahu and Obama personally. Yet Netanyahu desired a more decisive approach to tackle the source “Iran” which challenges its authority in the region.

A scenario exhibited by the U.S diplomats at the 52nd UN general assembly shows that the Obama administration has complete control of the White House and not ready to give an inch to the Isreali administration in determining how its foreign policy works. The US diplomats decided to listen attentively for the first time in many years to the president of Iran Mahmoud Ahamadinejad while he was addressing the UN general assembly. It is a fact that Obama is becoming a game changer in American political psychic and its administration, its consistency would be determined when reelected by November 6, 2012. The strategic steps and policy actions of the administration since he took office in 2009 proves that he is systematically reclaiming the pride and dignity that was previously lost by former White House occupants. The dignity that has been stripped away due to the influence of AIPAC and several Israeli regimes over the years is being gradually restored in a modest way, even though the US allegiance to Israel remains intact, the administration will not allow that preferential treatment to affect its reasoning and strategies in its foreign policy dictates. Until Obama and Biden are reelected, that is when absolute control of the oval office in America can be said to be in control of the American sovereign but that is not a guaranty for future administration.

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