Monday, 13 August 2012


China will learn from the mistakes of the U.S. foreign policies and wars decisions not to ruin its emerging economic and political prowess around the world. China would rather prefer to use its influence and many influential citizens of Chinese origin that are nationals of neighboring countries to spy on the U.S plans for the protection of its home soil in order to avoid any confrontation with the U.S. in its region on the South China Sea disputes, just the way it handles the Dai lalma and Tibetan cases.

                     China military echelon meeting with the U.S. military top brass delegate

 It will be too early for China to decide going into military conflict with the U.S in its region and will try all its possible best not to, even  though the Art of War was first conceived and expounded in China, the government will be very careful in calling its general into war mood, knowing the influence of U.S. in the region. Until its makes the world understands that its not on the offensive. One must understand Chinese people and government, that they are a people of peace and diplomacy in politics, cultural integration, socialization and trade but would not allow any nation to take their gentility for stupidity having come a long way to its present civilization.

                            One of the biggest china town in the United States of America

 China has been able to impact its influence around the world to the extend that in any country one visits, one will get to see a Chinese town which relates to its cultural nature of communist life style, where everyone is responsible for the development of the society based on mutual understanding and acceptable norms. But on the other part in many countries one visits, one will find a U.S military base which speaks of its domineering attitude towards other nations in the world.

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