Thursday, 30 August 2012


Drugs and the war on drugs helps in creating a specific breed of people from the lower class to be jailed because both the two acts as a catalyst to feign disorder. While the illicit drugs have less negative effect on the society, the war on illicit drugs created an open route for arms and ammunitions to play an active role in the society. Drugs situated itself as the saviour which the poor  resort to in order to escape his poverty for a while and in it they found solace, when all hope in government that is expected to positively shape their future is lost.  Instead of letting the poor embrace free education, that would have enhanced his socio-political and economic mobility upward in the society, politicians and state officials through the war on illicit drugs rather prefer to invest in the institutions that produces arms and ammunitions which they believed would help to curtail the access to illicit drugs. The replica effect of the war on drugs only made many poor fellow  find themselves in prison custody, being feed by the tax payers and if unlucky the law sends him to his grave by the same government investment on war against illicit drugs. The war on drugs have not changed anything since its inception but rather it has worsen the situation and accounting for the death of many innocent people around the world, making the United States, Mexico and other Latin American countries world leaders in drug related deaths. This war on drugs has only revealed its stimulus effect in the poorest communities, that crime factories can easily be encoraged in those poor communities around the world and the laws against illicit drugs enhances the effectiveness of those factories in its output on daily basis.

Those who deal in illicit drugs and their consumers are considered unfit in the society, they are sent to jails based on whatever amount of substance of illicit drugs that are found on them and it has opened up another avenue for prison contractors, correction centres and gun lobbyist to make more profit from the tax payers through the state coffers and as it gets harder for the state to finance the prisons due to influx of inmates, and inssuficient finance, privatization is now the option that comes into play and whenever they are out of jail, they return back to the only business they know how to do best. This simply explains the circular flow of the war on drugs. What we need to know is that there is a bond between weapons and drugs and until the concept on the war on illicit drugs are changed, there can be no solutions to the increase in drug related deaths and the inability of governments to tackle the trade will continue. There are various security reports that revealed American guns flowed through the Mexican borders in order to track drug dealers but the covert operations failed and tax payers money were wasted in billions and just some few months ago, it was reported that some of the weapon are begining to find their way back into the American society which has led to one person being shot in a U.S. town close to the Mexican border.

                                       Money and weapon ceased from Mexican drug cartel

The war on drugs started as soon as the Cold War concept and efficiency was at its declining stage, countries that spearheaded the Cold War made the war on drugs served as a tool against nations or leaders that did not adopt the western ideology of capitalism but all was in an attempt to keep the production line of guns to be consistent while profit is being made. The war on drugs has continued to spill over and feign disorder even in democratic states that supported capitalism, the poor in many of those societies wanted to  find a away to escape poverty and the only available source for them was either to cultivate the plants which produces the drugs or serve as marketing and logistic agent for illicit drugs which goes to the rich western hemispher nations. With this, the drug war became an international challenge, which made nations around the world to adopt a convention on illicit traffic of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance. The conventions signed by nations on the war on drugs created a buffer zone for rebels fighting against perceived socialist or capitalist governments in their countries. Capitalist drug dealer in such nations were empowered to recruit and finance their activities through the drugs black market corridor that made the price of illicit drugs became more expensive in the international market and in return they supplied weapons to the rebels.

For the small and light weapons manufactures to continue in business after the Cold War, illicit Drugs became the only product that the rebels could sell to buy any type of small arms from the weapon and arms  producing nations. The arms manufacturing firms profit margin increased tremendously through the flow of illicit drugs to the economically advanced nations when it was banned internationally and in return small arms and light weapons were produced to enhance the potency of their rebellion against the governments of their nations. Illicit drugs is playing a major role in economics and politics of many developing nations,  just in the manner at which the crude oil is in relationship with small arms of all sorts in many Third world oil rich nations. Nigeria, Angola, Sudan, South Sudan, Libya and Iraq are few examples of the nations that have challenges with the relationship which arms and oil resources did create. Small arms and light weapons is perfectly in relationship with illicit drugs, its just that illicit drugs does not have a stock exchange listing to operate upon. U.S., Mexico, Colombia and Afganistan are examples of nations that illicit drugs and guns have significant relationship and thats why those nations have both exchanged those products in several instances. The prices of drugs per kilograms differs in different countries, as its being transported from the source to its consumers in the west, so the price of each kilogram changes and the same principle applies to the flow of small arms and different ammunitions to the southern hemisphere which serves as its companion.

 The war on illicit drugs helps in stimulating crime and as far as drugs and weapons have a relationship due to the international ban, there is no way these illicit drug related deaths can be handled without liberalizing drugs just as many Latin American leaders have been canvassing for.  For gun violence to stop, liberalization and relaxation of the laws against drugs must take effect, this will reduce the black market trading on illicit drugs which had made it to be expensive to the advantage of drug lords and weapon dealers and has made it the monopoly of some powerful men which has practically lead to the deaths of many innocent people in the U.S. and many Latin American nations for years. The race to acquire more guns for the police by various governments, personal protection, gang protection and gun production will drastically reduce. Violent acts stimulated by illicit drugs which has led to deaths of many citizens will be a thing of the past. The profit made by the gun manufactures and the money which is the motive behind smuggling drugs that led to several street and gang deaths will be streamlined by the liberalization of drugs around the world and many lives would be preserved from gun weilding persons who is under the influence of illicit drugs.

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