Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The fact that China is secured in its region and expanding its businesses beyond  its geographical area, it must stand in caution not to be provoked by the USA. Disturbing the quiet unheard provocative relationship in the South China sea between China and its neighbors by the USA will create more tension in the region which will lead to more business deals in arms and anyone can be sure that U.S allies in the region will be willing to buy more from the Big Brother because they all have not felt the global economic slowdown. The US is flexing its muscles in a quiet region, what it ought to do is bring all parties together and fashion out the best way to settle the differences amicable but when most of its sea fleet are sent to the region it is practically demonstrating the might of a super power nation.

Would the U.S allies in the region be interested in such act of defense? This is a question that its answer is not far fetched, By all diplomatic means both North and South Korea are will to resolve their problems because of the long standing relationship before the war. The younger generations are much interested in finding a solution to the problems both countries are facing and bringing about a unification process but the avenues to make all these happen is been blocked by the presence of the United States military presence in the peninsular thousands of miles away from its home.

On several occasions when ever there is to be a sign of any diplomatic improvement between the two neighbor, evidence has shown that that is always the exact time the United States military engage the South Korean military in war games as an act of self defense or deterrence which angers the North Koreans and all diplomatic program between the two nations are disrupted leading to more escalation of the conflict. The U.S regime is not interested in the political will of both nation to solve their differences, but interested in dominating the peninsular by creating a divide and rule tactics thereby imposing its will on the North Korean regime to play by its rule.

The present interference by the U.S in the South China sea region will be a dispute that might take decades to settle between these neighbors and will affect negatively the growth and economic development of the region if its to lead to war. Diplomats and leaders from this region must start working together to find a lasting solution to this ugly situation that is rearing its head before it gets out of hand. The United States is presently acting as the spokesperson of those claiming Chain is taking over their territorial waters and islands and leaving the issue for the US to handle can be catastrophic and might not end well for both parties in the region.

Vietnam and Laos would not easily forget the human and economic horror that befell it some decades ago at the hands of  the U.S military intervention along the South China region on ideological and political differences. I hope all the nations will seat on a round table to sort out their differences and demarcate the nautical miles for each nation on the sea.

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