Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Each government and nation is expected to learn the role Information War is playing in the 21st century and its impact in depicting the image of a society, in order not to be caught unaware. The western media establishment initiated and evolved from a media empire which encourages professional journalism by investigation to a propaganda mouth piece for governments and individuals. Media and the entire professional aspect of reporting events around the world has evolved to become an act of Information War to colonize the minds of the people at home and others around the world which influence their decision against or for their governments and other nations. Journalist and news reporters in other super power and developing nations have now learnt the propaganda skills taught by the western media to protect their interest and to catch up with the U.S. and other European media influence around the world, the new comers like RT, Al-Jazeera, Al Alam, PRESS TV and CCTV dish out information in their own perspective that are alternative to that of the Western media. All in an attempt to protect its political,social and economic interest just the way the western media does to protect its political, social and economic interest both at home and abroad. Alternative views from these Middle East and Far East media outlets attacks the official narrative by the Western media on issues concerning their home countries and tries to hype its government internal and foreign policies just as the western world does in information dissemination.

Many wise and intelligent governments like Iran, China and Russia in the 21st century have taken it upon themselves to educate the viewers both at home and abroad, about the they perceive as the true picture of former and existing events through their media outlets before the western media which they know and believe will distort the information to its own benefits and make good use of the information to derogate its national interest in a negative form.

One can not shy away from the fact that these media outlets are presenting a serious challenge to the western based mainstream media like CNN, BBC,FOX and Euro News which dominated the scene for so long and have been acting as a tool used to advance wars and socio-political expedition on foreign soils. It is believed in many journalistic quarters, that media organizations in the west are meant to protect the interest of the state and not to give reports of the ills or errors which the state projects in its decision making. And these are the information that the other alternative media are presenting to the world. The intervention of western government and its media in shaping the political landscape and policies of the Arab world which is situated in a strategic oil rich and religiously intolerant region of the world made many western journalist to be targets of kidnapping and assassinations due to their perceived biased and unacceptable reporting.  The Arab revolution served as a vivid example, it was evident that Libya failed woefully to inform the world about the situation in Benghazi at the early stages of the Libyan revolution, when it was reported that Muhammed Gaddafi mercenaries had killed thousands of his citizens whom were protesting against his 42 year old regime.

There was no way the regime could report to the world the state of affairs in the country because all media outlets from the west and that of the Qatari government Al-Jazzera were a washed with the-same information and every political watchdog including the Security Council of the United Nation relied and were swayed by the information they were receiving from the western media about the crisis situation in Libya. The Ghaddafi regime being a belligerent government to the west for decades made it possible for much information to be distorted to the advantage of the western capitals intervention in the internal crisis of Libya. This brought about the quick resolution in the Security council and an immediate military intervention by NATO with its Middle East allies that killed and destroyed more people than the Ghaddafi regime itself had done. At the end there were no information of  infrastructural damage or atrocities committed by both NATO and its allies from the western media. It was simply put to the world that, it was all a "holy" act to protect civilians. The new media outlets both print and electronic fighting for space in the global information war feasted on the atrocities and deaths committed by NATO in Libya which shocked many around the world.

On the other hand, the Syrian crisis was more different because it was difficult for the western media to distort much of the information in their favor, even though they tried and are still trying to get the best out of it, it was not just in their favor. This was due to the fact that other satellite channels from Iran and friendly nations were in support off the regime and being able to report events as it happens. This pave the way for many listener to understand the reality in Syria and viewers around the world were able to balance the information they were getting from both sides of the divide and this made it possible to understand what world politics and information war was all about in the Middle East compared to what global audience used to hear from a single source before now.

 Few nations that could afford such expensive project, which is a necessary protection for their political and economic survival, are now opening new media outlet in different languages to pass information to the global audience, not wanting their stories to be told by a foreigner in his own terms. Many foreign sponsored and state media organizations, have learnt so much of the intrigues from their western counterparts and have developed the ability to pass their own version of the story accurately. Because it must be understood that in every crisis situation, the truth is always the first causality.

Over the years, the constant intrigues of passing information to the public, both on national and international issues has been cultivated and developed, to be the skills needed in programming the mind of citizens as well as politicians and the truth is that in today's world the media acts as the political mouth piece of any governments around the world.

Even though they came late to the scene, these new media stations have been able to pull much global audience along by relating to their needs in the search for the truth,after-all what is new in the world is the information that one has not yet heard. Understanding the questions the global audience are interested in, which for years they craved for answers but will not get through the western mainstream media is what the present media outlets are able to answer. It now acts as an alternative view point to the mainstream media and its reports.

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