Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Whenever I receive reports that an American military service man was killed in Afghanistan by the Taliban, I weep for their families and imagine the trauma those family members will go through missing their loved ones, whom at a young age, believed in the American dream of becoming successful and living his dreams. I can not stop asking why the U.S. invaded Afghanistan and decided to stay forever in the mountainous region where foreigner with guns are never welcomed for centuries,wasting the lives of the generation that would have created more valuable impact in the American society. Rather, it preferred sending these young people to the home of death where they earn peanuts for technically protecting some powerful personalities business empires where they would probably return to someday and continue acting as an urban slave in the organization.

 The young adults that are sent to war do not know when or how their lives will be terminated by the sporadic bullets coming out of the AK47 or the crude improvised explosive device of the enemy. What they grew up to know is a social system that has been organized for an American service man from his childhood days is to see war as a means to an end through the Hollywood screens, that portrays the U.S. as the victor not knowing much of it is a fantasy. The grooming stages starts when his parents get to buy him a toy pistol or preferably a water gun and he starts pointing and shooting other kids in a friendly police like scenario at home, school and in the neighborhood. And as he grows up, he gets addicted to war movies and buys many CD's of the Terminator and other action movies.

 The social culture of war programming does not stop there, on his 13th birthday, he is presented with a video game machine filled with war simulation icons to learn quickly how to get a pin point accuracy in shooting skills to kill the enemy. And in some few years, he must have mastered the art and eager to handle the real weapon. Then comes the enrollment into the military service, where he will be able to officially handle and operate the real live weapons and several sorts of ammunition inclusive. But not on his home soil for it is meant for the battle field in a foreign land where the people are sub-humans and the propaganda machines which speaks of the powers and might of the American service men abroad after every ten years, pitches this young man against the enemy who never used any electronic medium to learn the art on the battle field.

These young men are flown to thousands of miles away from home led by generals sitting in offices with their political friends asking if  instructions have been passed to the boys on the field to let the Northern Alliance rebels a long time staunch enemy of the Taliban, that have held on to the capital city Kabul for decades to lead the way all in an attempt to lessen causalities on the American side at the early stages of the war. With the zeal of killing as many enemies as possible in Afghanistan, the young men are eager to be at the war front to show case their talents but the enemy knows his territory and decides to opt for a gorilla warfare which the young men were never taught. Within their first two months, they begin to understand that the enemy has no military uniform and his life is not as important to him compared to theirs. Not because he has no dream of adding value to his society but because many occupying forces have distorted their natural development for centuries.

 Then comes a day when they go on patrol seeking to capture or kill the enemy like they did in many video games which they did play at home. On one of  their daily routine the reality came into play and were attacked by the Taliban fighters in order to repel the foreign enemy's advancement in their cities and towns. It was a terrible battle, to the extend that, reinforcements were called for on the American side and on both sides men were lost in the attack. These young men could not comprehend what has happened to their company within 25 minutes in a strange territory, many lives had gone and some comrade bodies were been placed into body bags to be sent home.

                                    Killed himself after coming back home from war zone

 After getting back to base, these young service men wondered why  the Taliban enemy does not carry much arms and ammunition and do not wear bullet proof jackets to secure their lives yet fight to the last man, while they that wore bullet proof jackets suffered more causality. After one or two tours, these young men suffer from being neglected by the authorities, depression and post traumatic stress disorder and later point the gun on themselves or on other law abiding citizens in their neighborhood. Still wondering what the U.S. government will do to those that are homeless after serving the nation.


 This acts have not abated and more body bags kept coming home everyday without it been reported in the media. The value of the war in the U.S is a trillion dollar and counting  being spent on war contracts which never provided job opportunities for the citizenry but breed corruption in every sector of the economy which has failed its citizenry on every sides. Americans now go hungry and angry against their rulers in Washington that have no escape route from the present danger which has sent our national debt to 14 trillion dollar, a debt that our children children can not finish paying.

  How strategic is Afghanistan to the American foreign policy which depends on the Military Industrial Complex? Checking through the map, I came to a conclusion that, the main aim of making Afghanistan an out post is because its located in central Asian region where China, Iran, India and Russia could form an alliance and influence economically and politically the Asian continent not excluding the middle east. These countries are seen as eternal threat to the U.S.imperialistic power in the Asian continent for decades by previous and present U.S. policy shapers. While Pakistan the only Muslim's country with  nuclear war heads also does not trust both the U.S. continuous stay in the region and India's influence.

 The reason for going to Afghanistan has exported terrorism to every part of the world and Westerners in many capitals of the world do not feel safe anymore. The paradise the U.S. attempted to create in Afghanistan has failed and it would have been rather better that its leaders learn lessons from the expedition of the USSR and gradually withdraw its troops during this economic recession. For the difference between Americans and Afghans is quite sharp, in the sense that when a lone gun man kills a person in the U.S. the prosecutor seeks a death penalty for the fellow and the family awaits the judgment.

In Afghanistan when an American soldier kills and Afghan, there is no room for court process, the whole relatives and friends around the country will seek to kill any American soldier for revenge. Any Holy book can be burnt in the U.S. but desecrating the Holy books is a taboo in Afghanistan and their is no chance for forgiveness for such acts. These simply explains the reason why the U.S. military can not win the hearts and minds of the Afghans because the two cultures are not complimentary.

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