Thursday, 16 August 2012


A good strategic media policy is being conducted to bring the United States military power deeply into the Geo-political game in the Middle East for it to attack Iran on behalf of the Israeli nation. Attacking Iran's nuclear facilities is the reason why the Israeli media will not stop advocating for the day and predicting the time necessary for the Natanyahu government with the support of the United States to bomb Iran before the U.S. presidential elections. The most scary issue for the Obama administration is that America is entangled and more preoccupied with the problems at homeland than that of its baby nation Israel and this is what the Israeli media needs to know. On its own accord, Israel will not take an inch, even with all the troubles it has systematically created for Iran by U.S. imposed sanctions. Baby Israel has grown within the neighborhood and it enjoys political and military supremacy by creating pandemonium and consistently crying foul being a spoiled child of the U.S. Israel media is interested in dragging the U.S. into its self determined ambition by the daily war media expectation with Iran which its media organisations have been  predicting with the support of many right wing U.S. politicians. But i doubt if the Israeli regime will go it alone without the support of the Obama administration in the United States.

The political influence of the Israeli regime and AIPAC in American politics during this 2012 presidential campaign period has a role to play. And the Israeli media is expecting to receive adequate support from the American public that do not understand the challenging economic issues. These voters and supporters of Israeli government would be expecting any Republican or Democratic presidential candidate in the race to mention the word ''Bomb Iran'' and trust these radical Americans that are uninformed about the facts but relied on the mainstream media, will see reason with the candidate and will swiftly jump on the war wagon straight away. Within days, political analyst and opinion polls will predict such a candidate can be sure of more votes from the ''Iranian haters''which will secure the presidential candidate to the White House by November 2012.

 Both front-runners have refrained from supporting the intentions of the Israeli government and the best way for the Israeli media and its western counterparts to keep the war campaign going, is for it to be heard louder by the American public. For the Israeli media to keep advertising that specific item consistently during this electioneering time on its agenda, it really means business and the message is only meant for the American voters and their policy makers to determine the candidate who cares about the safety and security of Israel. And to make all Americans know that, Israel is an extension of the United States territory being the 52nd state which is located thousands of miles from the mainland. In order to hasten the war, the Israeli media tries consistently to educate people around the world that the holocaust committed by the Europeans is a history which both imperialist Americans and the AIPAC do not want to forget easily.

The Holocaust during the second world war (1939-1945) has been able to deliver a license to previous and present Israeli regimes to boldly attack with impunity any nation that challenges its authority in the region and this has led to more political and diplomatic tension with its near and far neighbors. Its neighbors have come to a conclusion that they are paying the price of the holocaust which they never committed at the first place but Iran being a country in the region does not have such mentality which the Arabs have. Iran stands as a challenger to the Israeli dominance and aggression in the region and for this purpose it has to pay for its crime for supporting the weaker Arab neighbors of Israel.  The reason for the Israeli  media painting the image of an imminent attack on Iran is because it knows that the U.S. dollar from the U.S. tax payers could finance and secure for its nation any type of cruise missile and Jet fighters it deserves to attack Iran without having to spend much in the war. Having known it was successful with operation ''Cast Led'' in Gaza, which killed 1400 people both women and children and no international organisation asked the Israeli regime any questions for the crimes it committed, the Israeli media and its government felt relieved and its wanting more of regional political power. The Israeli government and its media sees itself as stake holder in the U.S. presidential elections and it has deemed it necessary to  beat the drums of war sooner as its own manifesto in the race rather than waiting to see later who wins the presidential election .

The world would be watching to see if Prime Minister Netanyahu is serious about his intention when it comes to attacking Iran. Many political analyst around the world are sure Iran will not be caught unaware in this game or waiting to ruminate on what next to do when the Israeli missiles are hitting the Iranian territory in the first minutes.

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