Friday, 10 August 2012


Just about 10 years ago, Britain and the U.S went to at war against the terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, many British and American soldiers lost their lives in the battle against terrorism and are still losing their lives in Afghanistan till date. While the world is learning to adjust to the new challenge in fighting terrorism, David Cameroon announced today that the British government will be helping financially some terrorist organization in Syria that are fighting the Syrian government with a sum of  5 million Pounds, tagging it as an non-lethal aid to kill and destroy Syria, because the British government wants the Syrian leadership to be overthrowned.

Well, its not surprising that a new found relationship,and understanding has been secured between the Western governments and the recruiters of terrorist around the world and it has pave the way for the British secret services and the U.S Central Intelligent Agency to train terrorist on the soil of the Turkish people. One can not dispute the fact that those who attacked the Western world on 911 in New York and on 77 in London are now allies of the West in the fight against unwanted and belligerent regimes.Though its is more cheaper during economic recession to send mercenaries to occupy territories than sending a national army, simply because, territories where official armies cannot take, state sponsored terrorist will surely be the best option.

Citizens are getting to see their efforts in the polling booths to vote in leaders as a waste in the West, because their leaders do not take cognizance of their welfare, but prefer to act consciously based on greed for a regime change to secure political advantage in weak foreign countries. Western leaders prefers to send cash donations and weapons to support insurgents abroad to destabilize stable societies. Just about a year ago, there were social unrest in many poor neighborhoods in Britain, the rioters were seeking for better socioeconomic opportunity and justice in the British society was which was the reason for the outrage but the government ended up slamming jail terms on the young poor rioters who looted supermarkets. The same Cameron led government that can not afford to fix the problem faced by the people of those societies went on a jamboree to announce to the world through his foreign Secretary, William Hague, that the government is sending an extra 5 million pounds (US$7.8 million) for communication equipments but reports have it that they are used to buy more weapons to help the Syrian rebels.

Probably, David Cameron have not being listening to reports from Al-Jazeera or BBC to hear and have adequate knowledge of the actions of those he is sending money to, the crimes they are committing against humanity and listen to the Syrian rebels and their Al-Qaeda cohorts from other poor Arab nations when Al-Jazeera's reporter Anita Macnoth interviewed those on the streets fighting on behalf of the Free Syrian Army. When Anita asked what they  were going to do with the alleged government spies and informers, said to have been caught in Aleppo, Abu Saud, one of the foot soldiers replied, they were going to slaughter them if found guilty. Can a terrorist determine who is guilty?Well, that is what the British tax payers money do in non-lethal aid?

 The British tax payers money will be sent by the ruling coalition headed by the Tories to fund more acts of terror on its behalf, not forgetting that the country is in recession for the second time within three years. While the United States has granted some private organization to raise funds to train and arm terrorist infiltrating Syrian borders through Turkey and the Free Syrian Army to continue attacking the people of Syria and its political structure. The British government which can not afford to pay the medal prize money for its athletes who won medals in the London 2012 Olympics, that brought glory and fame to the Union Jack in various sports, had available cash in the treasury for those terrorist and the Free Syrian Army whom were seen killing innocent Syrians on You-tube posted videos in other to get rid of a government which they have no good diplomatic relationship with.

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The fact is that we must quickly seat up as Nigerians and consider if we are fighting Boko haram or unseen hands that is interested in destabilizing the nation.